FAOPMA Newsletter April 2018


The FAOPMA April 2018 Newsletter is available now. Click here to download full version.

The major topics are below: 

  • President's Message
  • These Terrifying Robot Wolves Now Prowl Farms in Japan to Keep Boars Away
  • Historic India club battling demolition plans in court over mice infestation  
  • 7 Amazing Facts About A Dog's Ears  
  • How to prevent cockroaches in cars: Pest control experts share tips and debunk myths 
  • Stray Cats Set Free - Pest Busters 
  • Eerie glowing mounds in  Brazil 
  • Syngenta to acquire Strider  
  • Fungus Kills Bed Bugs - First Used in Oklahoma by Pied Piper 
  • Man trying to burn cockroaches sets off explosion in his own house
  • FAOPMA Conference Information